welcome to tabawan island: the garden of darvel bay and the hidden pearl of borneo

Inside Darvel Bay, north-eastern Borneo… lays a quiet island where generations of pearl farmers cultivate the gemstones of the ocean. Their delicate venture demands the safest and cleanest of tropical waters; thus their decades of care and protection of the island has left a rainforest and undersea Eden untarnished since time immemorial.

Come discover the best new diving haven you’ve never heard of… until now!

exploring tabawan
tabawan island: undiscovered paradise
Diving & Snorkeling
Ancient reefs supporting an explosion of ocean life — a diver’s paradise rivalling even that of legendary Sipadan island, just waiting to be explored.
Pearl Farms
It takes a great deal of patience, care and luck — and a secluded island with clear, gentle waters — to produce the perfect pearl. See the smiths of ocean jewels in their element.
Pristine Jungles
Virgin green rainforest and mangrove swamp, home to a landscape of flora and fauna; arboreal treasures growing high above their marine counterpart.